The Atlas merchandising system is designed to deliver you useful and accurate field data while increasing your sales and elevating brand awareness.

Eyes and Ears Merchandising

Powered by smartphone technology and crowdsourcing, we provide a direct line of sight into stores throughout the country, so brands can quickly and affordably identify and fix problems. Through photo and video verification, brands are in firm control of retail program execution.

We can help you answer these immediate loss of revenue questions: 

Are my products in stock and on-shelf?


Untimely out of stocks cost companies billions of dollars every year.

Are my products priced correctly?


Incorrect prices cost sales and erode brand image.

What do Planograms look like?


Shelf positioning is a crucial front in the battle for shoppers.

Hands and Feet Merchandising

Sometimes you have to shake hands and put capable merchandisers in the store.  We provide a  custom solutions to all merchandising needs, so brands can quickly and properly resolve store issues while working to build and solitify store relationships.