Our priority is your brand and we approach it with an unbiased eye.  We train our team to memorize it, live it, breathe it and become it.  The ultimate goal is to increase brand awareness and sales by bringing your product to life in the eyes of the consumer.

Atlas Marketing can help you create a new in-store demo program or hone your existing one. We pride ourselves on asking the right questions from the beginning to ensure a smooth process with seamless execution.  We handle every aspect of the selling event.  It is our mission to get your product into the customers' hands and ultimately sold.




As a broker representing multiple manufacturers and brands your ultimate goal is to drive sales for each client.  The day to day operations, managing a variety of distribution channels, and maintaining solid relationships with retailers and brands is a challenge in itself. 

The Atlas team will enhance your efforts and serve as an extension of your salesforce.  We can assist in a variety of ways by providing quality services that cultivate relationships with brands and retailers while providing valuable feedback from store level. Our unique approach aids distribution, detects inventory issues, boosts in-store sales and delivers impressive data leading to overall sales growth. 




Atlas Marketing establishes retail marketing partnerships to improve sales, drive revenue and enhance the overall customer experience. Our team will set up an in-store demo program and manage it for maximum efficiency, professionalism and the results you desire.

We can assist retailers in thinking through all of the challenges and opportunities that come along with this type of business.  Our knowledge and experience will help any retailer set-up or revamp its current in-house sampling department.

The Atlas team enhances your consumer’s shopping experience though professional and effective events leading to increased sales for both retailers and participating manufacturers.